Extended Reality Systems for Assisting in Complex Decision-Making

XRF.Sandbox leverages extended reality (XR) technologies to enhance decision-making in high-stakes environments by providing comprehensive information collection, real-time data analysis, and virtual scenario exploration.

Success in decision-making in armed conflict situations, emergencies, or corporate control centers is based on three aspects:

  • The experience of the individuals involved.
  • The ability to have complete and updated information.
  • Effective communication capabilities.

Today, the possibility of simulating certain situations to complete the training of specialists is costly and only sometimes possible beyond theory.

The capability of traditional software to represent available information is very limited in terms of interfaces and user experience.

Informed decision-making is critical for anyone in a command position, and XRF.Sandbox addresses it from different angles:

  • Information collection: We gather as much relevant information as possible. This can include GIS data, information layers, positions of IoT physical resources, 3D/BIM models, and any other relevant information.
  • Analyzing the information: This involves assessing the reliability of the information. This is where real-time data comes into play.
  • Considering alternatives and evaluating possible outcomes.

Exploring different options, weighing their pros and cons, and identifying potential risks and benefits through virtual training.

Decision-making and communication are facilitated with XRF.Sandbox by sharing the same content and communicating in real time, regardless of the physical location of the participants. This is especially useful in conflicts that require immediate attention, with no time to waste or risks to consider in travel.

For corporate virtual control centers, the use of mixed reality can greatly enhance business management by providing an improved monitoring and collaboration environment for problem-solving by…

  • Enhancing situational awareness and efficiency. Real-time view of operations and data, giving managers an improved situational awareness of their organization’s performance. This can help managers identify issues and opportunities more quickly and make more informed decisions. Reducing costs and improving overall performance.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Managers and operations staff work together more effectively, regardless of their location. By creating a shared virtual environment with XRSandbox, teams can collaborate, share information, and knowledge.

XRF.Sandbox enables better decision-making and provides better training for those who must make decisions.

XRSandbox is a mixed reality platform for unified management of emergencies, corporate control centers, and defense operations.

We use cutting-edge technology to integrate and consolidate assets and data sources, creating an XR platform that provides a multi-user, multi-source view.

Virtually all users accessing a device with XRF.Sandbox will virtually attend a meeting, where the tool will show them in real time all the information and resources available for managing the military exercise, actual operation, or emergency.

They can discuss options, interact with the staged territory through a hologram, and simulate scenarios.

They will have access to the real-time position of all involved resources (human and material), the evolution of the emergency/conflict and affected populations, real-time images from drones and aerial resources, access to issue remote orders to drones, information on weather forecasts, and availability of a real-time catalog of water, tactical, material, and human resources.

XRF.Sandbox can be used to manage emergencies or armed conflicts and to train the units that will face them.


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