Guiding decisions
to a good end_

We are a key support for decision-makers in complex scenarios.

We simplify complexity by presenting crucial information visually and accessibly. With generative AI, we learn and maximize available options, ensuring clarity and confidence in every decision.

Our mission

Advanced Technologies for Improved Decisions

Our products enhance the ability to perceive and understand environmental elements, identify potential hazards, and anticipate future developments. We serve as a critical tool in fields like military operations, emergency response, and security for critical industries. Improving situational awareness means understanding what’s happening around you, why it’s happening, and what might happen next, enabling informed decisions and effective responses to changing circumstances.

Real-time Operational Mode

In operational mode, our product functions as a dynamic tool for real-time decision-making, leveraging live data feeds to provide immediate insights and support to users in managing emergencies or critical situations.

Training Mode

In training mode, our product becomes an interactive learning platform with simulations to practice and refine emergency response skills, supported by customizable modules for effective learning


Enhance decision-making with our advanced platform.

Strategic level

XRF Colossus

Designed to enhance real-time control and supervision at a strategic level.

Operational level

XRF Sandbox

Consolidates data from multiple sources into a single interface, providing a ‘multi-source’ and ‘multi-user’ experience at operational and/or strategic levels.

Tactical level

XRF Field Companion

Mobile application (online/offline) through which deployed brigades and units communicate and receive real-time tracking information. It enables command centers to monitor the movement of assets and resources in the operational theater.

Brain, Heart & Guts

XRF Hermes

Our AI system serves as the core of our solution, processing real-time data to provide key insights. It acts as the central processor, conducting advanced analyses, and delivers recommendations for informed decision-making.

Improving the Spanish army's military readiness to ensure security and effectiveness in operations.

Intuitively merging virtual and real assets on a platform that facilitates the integration and management of both types of assets, providing a seamless and efficient experience for users.



Spanish Army

La Palma, Canary Islands

Fundación Valenciaport


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AI is transforming wildfire management by creating detailed simulation environments to train decision-makers.
XRF.Sandbox leverages extended reality (XR) technologies to enhance decision-making in high-stakes environments by providing comprehensive information collection, real-time data analysis, and virtual scenario exploration.